Digital Customer Rewards & Text Message Marketing


Digital Rewards

We custom design a digital punch card and rewards program for your business.

Text Broadcasts

Text broadcasts are the most engaging and deliverable way of getting your message to customers.

Automated Engagement

Your tablet loyalty program will automatically engage customers with rewards, social media and online reviews.

We Miss You Offers

Set up texts to be sent automatically when a customers doesn’t check-in for a certain period of time.

Automated Birthday Offers

Reward your customers on their birthday by sending them an automated offer to get them to come into your business.

Measure Results

Always know how effective your rewards program is with weekly reports right in your inbox.

Social Media & Reviews

Grow your Facebook followers and online reviews automatically with with social and review integrations.

NFC Mobile Punch Card

Just tap your phone to a NFC sticker and the app will punch your loyalty card.

One App Does It All

The first rewards app to use NFC technology. Consumers can manage all of their rewards on one app.

Spin to Win

Gamify a rewards program using the NFC spin to win on the feature. Consumers tap their phone to an NFC tag and the wheel starts spinning.