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How will I know your service is working and benefiting my business?2021-06-02T15:43:16-06:00

Your success & return on investment is always transparent due to our comprehensive analytics. Business owners receive weekly analytic emails with specific subscriber data and activity for the week prior.

In what industries do you specialize?2021-05-29T06:40:51-06:00

We work with business owners from all industries seeking to attract and retain customers with our proven loyalty/rewards platform.  If your business needs loyal customers, we are here to help.

How does PrestigePerks’ rewards/loyalty program work?2021-05-29T06:40:13-06:00

With our software platform, your customers opt in to your uniquely crafted rewards program via a tablet or App (you choose) & their rewards are earned and tracked on every visit. Additionally, text messages with offers, news or a specific engagement campaign can be sent to targeted customers. This direct to consumer marketing is very impactful as 98% of people open their text messages within 5 minutes.

How much do your solutions cost?2021-11-07T16:06:10-07:00

Our customers benefit from our cutting-edge software that is extremely affordable and competitive in the marketplace.  Our cost is often well below similar competitor solutions & we work with each business owner to customize a solution to fit their needs. Our nominal monthly fee is based on subscriber/texting volume.

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